A lot of questions enter your head once you hear a story of a successful entrepreneur. How he did it? How can I be an entrepreneur? What does entrepreneurship mean? Am I good enough for this? Is it worth it?

Well, to be honest, in this article, we will not answer those questions. But, you should keep reading, I assure you that those questions are important too.

Can you work under stress?

I know that when you wrote this ‘I can work under stress’ line in your resume, and when you said “Yes” when the HR asked you this question in the interview; you didn’t mean it, or you didn’t know how stressful this work can be. But, when we ask you this we mean the real stress, the more than 18 hours of daily work stress, and believe me when I say, that’s not all the “Stress” I mean.

Can you deal with failure?

Failure is a part of the entrepreneur’s life; it’s also a part of his success. Entrepreneurs fail to learn, to know what they did wrong and don’t do it again, they fail because they’re fighters and fighters don’t give up and don’t get satisfied with what they have, they’re always eager for more.

 Are you willing to spend your savings?

When it comes to money we all get that “OMG, not that”! Spending money sucks, we all hate spending money, we love to earn some. But, for entrepreneurs spending A LOT of money is a part of the game, it’s not a decision they take it’s a thing they do. Even if they plan to get an investor for the startup, investors will not even look at your startup if you didn’t spend money on it. If you’re not going to spend your money on “your startup” why should they?

Can you laugh in your darkest days?

Have I told you before that the entrepreneur’s life is hard? Well. I just want to make sure that you got the idea. Entrepreneurship is full of challenges so, you will have some really bad days. Sometimes you’ll get stuck with some bad choices and you should choose the best of them and sometimes you’ll go through the pain and you’ll be no gain for a while, so you’ll just keep fighting. And with all of that, you should just accept it, keep fighting and smile.

In the end, Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. It’s a fact, you can’t change it. With all the stress, bad days and hard decision you’ll take, you’ll enjoy the ride.