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A cloud-based tool for creating professionally formatted and investor-ready business plans. Track Your Progress and Get insights in how well your business is doing.
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Our services with mentors and experts will help you have a clear path for your business success with a road leadership and knowledge transfer.
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Pitch Page

Impress bankers and investors with a proven, strategic summarised format pitch page, Build your plan and pitch for funding.

BznsEducate “Workshops”

Ideation Track

Innovation is about execution and great ideas without being implemented equal zero. In this workshop, you will stop dreaming and start doing, you will be introduced to the entrepreneurship scene in Egypt, learn the basic skills set to start your own business, to succeed and to sustain.


Startup Track

Now you did your job turning your idea into a business model, the next is harder than it sounds: you need a solid understanding of your business model; an awareness of what’s most at risk; and a clear idea of where to draw the line between success and failure. Your journey to product/market fit is ahead. 

Growth Track

This workshop will combine presentations, case studies, & interactive discussion of the audience’s business challenges & opportunities. Learn the five stages of growth every company goes through, learn measuring & aggregating KPIs while using the lean analytics cycle to improve through experimentation.

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Why Choose Us

  • Media exposure through competition & cash prize.
  • Access to experienced mentors and potential investors.
  • Know how to write business plan.
  • Other prizes for the finalists.
  • You will get widely exposed in the following aspects (Ideation, Startup and Growth)


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Riham Abu Elinin
Riham Abu ElininFounder
Ahmed Maher
Ahmed Maher Founder

What Do they Say About Us

Finally a global platform that gives every entrepreneur what they need the most, a well planned path to success with the right support components all in one place, BznsBuilder is a must tool for every startup
Tarek Ali, CEO of The Greek Campus
By definition entrepreneurs are “builders”. They build startups, technologies and they change the world. BznsBuilder is a great platform where entrepreneurs are being helped building their startups.
Hala Hattab, Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship at the British University in Egypt
BznsBuilder is a wonderful product that will give entrepreneurs a structured way to build successful business plans. Technologically speaking, I was also impressed with the machine learning technology and classification methods used to develop it. I wholeheartedly commend the BznsBuilder team!
Mohab Anis, AUC Professor and CEO at Innovety

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