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A step-by-step instructions as soon as you login. your Bzns planning process is made easy with prompts, with definitions of key terms, and text tutorials built right into BznsBuilder.

Ask Experts

Want advise from experts. give them access by inviting them to your plan from your laptop with full control over your document and/or limited access to all or part of your BznsPlan. 

Pitch Page

Ask Tell your story visually with done-for-you charts and graphs to illustrate every important point. 

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Banks, investors, and loan officers need to see a polished, professional plan. BznsBuilder provides exactly what they need.

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Build the plan they need, think strategically about your business, and get funded. 

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Communicate your business to anyone in 60 seconds, having a one-page pitch will help make your business memorable, so you can quickly show your business to people.


Assess and track your progress and your most important milestomes from a single performance dashboard, define your path and grow.

Hire Experts

Now you did your job turning your idea into a business model, the next is harder than it sounds: you need a solid understanding of your business model; 

Request Services

Get help on accounting, planning & forecasting from a certified expert advisor. 

What Do they Say About Us

Finally a global platform that gives every entrepreneur what they need the most, a well planned path to success with the right support components all in one place, BznsBuilder is a must tool for every startup
Tarek Ali, CEO of The Greek Campus
By definition entrepreneurs are “builders”. They build startups, technologies and they change the world. BznsBuilder is a great platform where entrepreneurs are being helped building their startups.
Hala Hattab, Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship at the British University in Egypt
BznsBuilder is a wonderful product that will give entrepreneurs a structured way to build successful business plans. Technologically speaking, I was also impressed with the machine learning technology and classification methods used to develop it. I wholeheartedly commend the BznsBuilder team!
Mohab Anis, AUC Professor and CEO at Innovety

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