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Save Time by searching tens of templates in one place

Find resources of business plan guidelines, tips and tricks at our blog

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Plan, Track, Pitch, Fund, Operate, and Grow

In ONE platform find all what you need, stay focused with all your project steps in one place. Have more time to work on your project and let us do the organizing for you.

Think big

Pitch for Funding

Write your Plan

Choose your Funder

Track your Progress

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One for All and All for One!

Are you all fired up about your business idea? Is your team on board to move your idea forward? Work securely with your team no matter where they are.

Brainstorm ideas

Share with Advisors, board members and investors

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Get Down to Business

Have a one-page version of your business plan ready with a link for anyone you want to pitch your idea for and grab attention NOW!

Simple and guided interface at your fingertips

Collaborate with your team or consultants in one place

Be professional by using exact plan templates for your purpose

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