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About Us

BznsBuilder is your business planning online platform. It is the first bilingual (English/Arabic) interface designed specifically to serve local entrepreneurs, to monitor and support them and give them easy access to the data they need at every step from the idea stage to the formulation of a viable business plan and beyond. It also allows them to track their progress and ensure that the business does not veer off course.

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Our Challenge
Using a combination of our own software applications and a solid network of experienced researchers, corporate mentors and training professionals, BznsBuilder guides each client one simple step at a time through the challenging maze of starting and running a prosperous business. Because our platform is very flexible and can be custom-tailored to each client’s needs.
It can also help small and medium business owners to grow their business by identifying the right markets, recognizing problems and overcoming them, building effective teamwork and communication, locating potential sources of financing and grants at home and abroad, and by expanding their ability to network with other enterprises in their own or complementary fields.

Our Founder

The passion of Riham Abu Elinin for international entrepreneurship was sparked in 2002, when she participated in a USAID-sponsored program in the UK to promote Egyptian exports by training quality control auditors to certify compliance with stringent European requirements.

Since then, throughout her career Riham has always sought to use the latest technology at each stage of her many successful ventures, from product development to marketing to delivery, in order to streamline the process and meet global standards.

She has successfully worked in fields as diverse as petrochemicals and trading, textiles and apparel, software development, transport and supply chain management, and power stations and energy solutions, both in Egypt and in Europe. She is also a founder and board member of the Egyptian Clothing Bank, a highly successful charity.

BznsBuilder represents the culmination of many years of experience with the challenges and opportunities that every aspiring entrepreneur will encounter, and Riham’s and her team’s own resolution to help him or her succeed.

Our Team

Riham Abu Elinin​

Our Founder & CEO

Youssef Wadea

Software Engineer Advisor

Hassan Mohamed

Product Manager

Hadeer Kayed

Business Development Manager

Joseph Medhat

Technical Engineer

Engy Heshmat

QA Engineer

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