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What is BznsBuilder? is the first bilingual(English/Arabic) platform that provides entrepreneurs and businessmen with a professional step by step business plan building tool. you basically start with an idea, and build on it, bit by bit, until you have covered everything from market to financials to growth; everything.

What framework does use?

We worked for a couple years on each and business planning approach that has ever been develop. picked the strong points from each approach and combined them together to form what we believe is one of the most comprehensive business plan frameworks.

Is good for fundraising?

We interviewed some of the most powerful investors around the glob and took their input on what kind of information they look for before they decide to invest in any business. we then made sure not to miss any of it out.

What if I need actual human help?

We brought onboard some of the most renowned business experts to be available as supporters and mentors. but we didn’t just pick any experts, we made sure they cover a diversity of business fields and specialties.

How come its only for $100?

For the launch we are charging a flat rate of only 100 USD, but that’s not going to continue for long. we know the value we deliver and thus we will adjust the prices once our early adopters and amazing risk takers give us the initial boost.

Can you help me learn more about business?

Absolutely yes. we want our users to be extra informed and creative. we want every BznsBuilder to have enough knowledge to build a success story we can be proud of. just keep following our blog on and learn everything totally for free. even easier, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Do you work with any big organization?

We definitely do. we believe in the power of community, and so we are always approaching organizations that offer a hand to entrepreneurs to empower them with if you would like us to contact you for cooperation please leave your contact information here and we will get back to you. if you would like to join one of the empowered organizations, check out our list of partners here and find the one that suits you the most.

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