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“Building your own dream without losing track of time nor stopping to believe in yourself is all what it matters; BznsBuilder is your survival kit. If you are talented and a hustler, you will go places.”

Reem Amr Salah

Founder fo Floradise Studio

“Adrenaline is all what it takes. What matters is to turn ideas to plans following well-designed KPIs and grasping mentors feedback. BznsBuildr is your Virtual Co-founder.”

Yassin EL Hamaky

Co-founder of Villa 59 Architects

“BznsBuilder is a wonderful product giving entrepreneurs a structured way to build successful business plans. Technologically speaking, I am impressed with the machine learning technology and classification methods.”

Mohab Anis

AUC Professor and CEO at Innovety

“Colluding with BznsBuilder gives small businesses and young entrepreneurs the contingency to be innovative and pioneers. It helps them build a strong organizational plan that would provide assistance and support businesses in achieving their goals.”

Ahmed Wasfie

Managing Director at AWstreams

“BznsBuilder is one of the strongest tool for a clear and concise plan- user friendly as well! BznsBuilder is so real.”

Hazem Mounir

Founder of El Matbakh Catering Services

“BznsBuilder is a virtual backbone, passionate and an enthusiast. It adds value, up-to-date, proactive rather than reactive.”

Hala Hattab

Entrepreneurship Professor in the British University in Egypt

“BznsBuilder is a great tool for our entrepreneurs in getting their startup off the ground. It allows them to understand and showcase their business model in a seamless, timely and efficient manner, and helps us track key milestones in their progress.”

Hesham Wahby

CEO Innoventures

“BznsBuilder is an innovative and aspiring tool that we are proud to have partnership with. With its user-friendly processes, it helped us reach the desired analytical and scientific results into developing our services and products.”

Fady Jundi

President & COO at NOOR Data Network

“BznsBuilder is a great tool; not just for startups but also for incubators. It helps monitor performance and therefore you can tailor support according to the startups real needs.”

Rasha Tantawy

Entrepreneurship & Business Support Department Head – TIEC

“BznsBuilder is a unique perspective towards business planning. From the way it takes the user on his first business steps towards creating a well-based structure plan. Surely, it is the most reliable virtual cofounder.”

Amr El Segin

Chairman of Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB)

“BznsBuilder is surely profound business experience that, no doubt, would widen our vision towards better businesses; uprising and existing. In addition, it is an investment for a new bench mark in business planning.”

Peter Van Rooij

Director – International Labour Organisation (ILO)

“I see a new Google, Yahoo or Facebook but for business planning. It’s a MUST-HAVE tool for any entrepreneur that is driven by the passion and will of a great team.”

Mohamed Mohieldin

Vice Chairman of the Egyptian Private Equity Association

“So, why BznsBuilder? Because we need to leverage technology in improving the business mindset for youth, presenting %50 of population of a country, that is striving to be great.”

Ayman Saeed

Schneider Electric – Africa & KSA Commercial Head

“It is a creative business solution dedicated to SMEs with an innovative and fast paced management team. Collaboration with BznsBuilder provides the right assistance to entrepreneurial students and startup businesses.”

Khaled A. Hegazy

Associate Dean – School of Business & Finance New Giza University (NGU)

“BznsBuilder is the best software platform monitoring time, quality, revenues and number of customers. BznsBuilder is a hardworker!”

Ahmed El Sharkawy

Founder of The Kiosk Burger

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