Deliver smart budgets without spreadsheets on one flexible financial planner.

Say farewell to dull spreadsheets and hello to colorful financial estimates for as little as $8 per month with this revolutionary new financial planner tool.

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BznsBuilder Financial Plan
Automatic financial planner; no need for spreadsheets

With BznsBuilder, you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to use complicated spreadsheets or breaking Excel formulas. Even if you have never run a business before, BznsBuilder will walk you through the steps of making the powerful financial reports you need for your business plan.

Works for any business in any field.

We can help you set up anything from a bakery to an online subscription service. BznsBuilder gives the financial planner a wide range of ways to predict the future, such as subscription income, sales of individual products, hourly rates, and many more.

BznsBuilder Financial Plan
BznsBuilder Financial Plan
With step-by-step guidance, budgeting is made simple.

With the help of BznsBuilder’s financial planner, you can make the monthly and yearly budgets you need for your business plan. Follow the on-screen instructions to use BznsBuilder. You don’t need to know anything about accounting.

Auto-Generated Graphs and Diagrams

Forget about fiddling around with Excel and Word trying to make charts and graphs for your business strategy. BznsBuilder generates all of the charts and graphs you need and automatically incorporates them into your business plan.

BznsBuilder Financial Plan

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BznsBuilder Financial Plan

Everything you’ll need to carry out your plan.

You can count on us to deliver an error-free business plan. In a format accepted by all main financing sources, BznsBuilder automatically generates all the financial tables that banks and investors expect. (Revenue Forecast, Expense Budget, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Personnel Plan, Asset Purchases, Direct Costs, Funding Sources, Key Financial Assumptions)

BznsBuilder Financial Plan

All Currencies, No Borders.

A wide range of currencies and tax rates, including sales tax, are supported by BznsBuilder’s software. You’re going cross-country? Your currency and tax rates are completely flexible. In addition, your plan can be written and communicated in multiple languages.

BznsBuilder Financial Plan

With the help of scenarios, you can discover new possibilities.

Is it possible to increase your workforce? How would you feel if sales exceeded expectations? Financial scenarios can be easily simulated using BznsBuilder. Try out different scenarios and see how it affects your numbers.

Everything you’ll need to start and run a business is included.

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BznsBuilder Financial Plan