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About the Helwan University Technology Incubator for Egyptian furniture HUTI-EF Programs

The furniture industry has always been one of the main strengths of Egypt’s industrial sector. Improving this industry will boost the overall reputation of Egyptian industries, increase the number of exports, and help the Egyptian industrial sector grow economically. And since technological and economic changes are happening quickly in the industrial organizations around us, we need to face this change with productive strategies like innovation, adapting technology, excellence, improving quality, increasing production, and lowering costs. Egypt has a unique location and skilled workers, especially when it comes to making classic furniture. However, it has trouble exporting furniture to other countries because of some problems. We should pay special attention to giving innovative and creative entrepreneurs the tools they need to overcome these problems and improve the quality of the furniture industry. This will help Egypt keep the best things it has to offer and increase its exports and positioning.

Key Focus Areas..

Program concept formulation
Program design strategy and best practices.
Program marketing strategy and execution.
A dedicated account manager to support you every step of the way.
Bi lingual Program management. concept formulation
Partnership Funding Outreach. design strategy and best practices

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Prof. Dr. Mona Fouad Attia Acting Vice President of Helwan University for Graduate Studies and Research

“The university pays great attention to transforming promising ideas and research into innovative products and services that represent scientific solutions to societal problems and challenges, thus achieving a knowledge-based economy.”

Prof. Dr. Mona Fouad Attia, Acting Vice President of Helwan University for Graduate Studies and Research

The most important goals of the incubator:

  • Embracing companies that meet local and international needs through innovations presented by these companies in the field of contemporary furniture of an Egyptian character provided that they have economic and social feasibility.

  • Stimulating innovation and creativity among students, graduates, craftsmen and amateurs in the field of traditional furniture crafts and accessories.

  • Creating a new generation of entrepreneurs who are able to employ their scientific knowledge in establishing innovative projects specialized in the fields of designing and producing furniture and its accessories, methods and methods of product packaging, designing trademarks and marketing them locally and internationally.

  • Availability of all tools and technologies and all types of technical and material support and the development of innovative design, technical, technical and administrative capabilities of the incubated companies.

  • Utilizing Furniture City in Damietta as a consulting center to provide technical support to startup companies, as well as benefiting from furniture technology centers for quality testing.

Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Mahdi Acting President of Helwan University

“The HUTI-EF technology incubator aims to make technological entrepreneurship one of the driving forces for achieving sustainable economic growth in Egypt, adding that the university provides all capabilities and facilities for the success of the entrepreneurship and innovation system..”


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