BznsBuilder All-in-One Business Planning Tool!

For Everyone, Everywhere

Get your project plan compiled professionally! We have business plans, benchmarks studies, templates and the experts to help you create your own success story

  • Get Organized by using our ready made plan structure
  • Collaborate with your all team mates
  • Save Time by searching tens of templates in one place
  • Find resources of business plan guidelines, tips and tricks at our blog
  • Get Experts help from our diversified business experts database
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How will BznsBuilder Kick-start your Business?

Write your plan

Structured steps with all plan sections to fill-in. 100s of templates with professional layouts and tutorial at each step. In Arabic and English.

One-Page Plan

Capture your business idea in a well-formatted style!

Team on Board

Plan with your team. Access anywhere. Collaborate securely. Partners, experts, board members and investors

Apply for funding

Get your financial plans in place. Forecast your business fiscal future easily with charts and tables.


Monitor your document progress. Compare your performance to your peers and to your financial forecasts using easy-to-understand dashboards.

Involve Consultants

Get advice from experts. Select your needed expertise and get their endorsement to your plan.

Plan, Track, Pitch, Fund and Operate

In ONE platform find all what you need, stay focused with all your project steps in one place. Have more time to work on your project and let us do the organizing for you.
  • Think big

  • Write your Plan

  • Get your Team on Board

  • Choose your Funder

  • Pitch for Funding

  • Track your Progress


One for All and All for one!

Are you all fired up about your business idea? Is your team on board to move your idea forward? Work securely with your team no matter where they are.
  • Brainstorm ideas

  • Share with Advisors, board members and investors


One for All and All for one!

Are you all fired up about your business idea? Is your team on board to move your idea forward? Work securely with your team no matter where they are.
  • Brainstorm ideas

  • Share with Advisors, board members and investors


Get Down to Business

Have a one-page version of your business plan ready with a link for anyone you want to pitch your idea for and grab attention NOW!
  • Simple and guided interface at your fingertips

  • Collaborate with your team or consultants in one place

  • Be professional by using exact plan templates for your purpose

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What our clients say

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Finally a global platform that gives every entrepreneur what they need the most, a well planned path to success with the right support components all in one place, BznsBuilder is a must tool for every startup
Tarek Ali, CEO of The Greek Campus
By definition entrepreneurs are “builders”. They build startups, technologies and they change the world. BznsBuilder is a great platform where entrepreneurs are being helped building their startups.
Hala Hattab, Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship at the British University in Egypt
BznsBuilder is a wonderful product that will give entrepreneurs a structured way to build successful business plans. Technologically speaking, I was also impressed with the machine learning technology and classification methods used to develop it. I wholeheartedly commend the BznsBuilder team!
Mohab Anis, AUC Professor and CEO at Innovety
“Building your own dream without
losing track of time nor stopping to
believe in yourself is all what it
matters; BznsBuilder is your
survival kit. If you are talented
and a hustler, you will go places”
Reem Amr Salah, Founder of Floradise Studio
“Adrenaline is all what it takes.
What matters is to turn ideas to
plans following well-designed KPIs
and grasping mentors feedback.
BznsBuildr is your Virtual
Yassin EL Hamaky, Co-founder of Villa 59 Architects
“BznsBuilder is an innovative and
aspiring tool that we are proud to
have partnership with. With its
user-friendly processes, it helped
us reach the desired analytical and
scientific results into developing
our services and products.”
Fady Jundi, President & COO at NOOR Data Network
“BznsBuilder is a great tool; not
just for startups but also for
incubators. It helps monitor
performance and therefore you
can tailor support according to the
startups real needs.”
Rasha Tantawy, Entrepreneurship & Business Support Department Head - TIEC
“I see a new Google, Yahoo or
Facebook but for business
planning. It’s a MUST-HAVE tool
for any entrepreneur that is driven
by the passion and will of a great
Mohamed Mohieldin, Vice Chairman of the Egyptian Private Equity Association
“BznsBuilder is a unique
perspective towards business
planning. From the way it takes
the user on his first business steps
towards creating a well-based
structure plan. Surely, it is the
most reliable virtual cofounder.”
Amr El Segin, Chairman of Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB)
“It is a creative business solution
dedicated to SMEs with an
innovative and fast paced
management team. Collaboration
with BznsBuilder provides the right
assistance to entrepreneurial
students and startup businesses.”
Khaled A. Hegazy, Associate Dean - School of Business & Finance New Giza University (NGU)


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