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A comprehensive suite of interactive and guided software, tools, and services to turn great ideas into successful businesses, learn from experts, write a business plan, build a financial model, get insights from mentors, and secure funding to help you reach your goals and grow

BznsBuilder for SMB

Entrepreneurs & Startups

Accelerate your business journey on one platform..

BznsBuilder for incubators & accelerators

Incubators and Accelerators

Make business and innovation programs more engaging.

BznsBuilder for Universities & Business Schools

Universities and Business Schools

Supercharge your business students at your classes.



Raise loan acceptance rates with intelligent financial forecasting

BznsBuilder for Programs

Startups Programs

Create good programs for startups and innovation.

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business plan


Transform your idea into a successful business.

Guiding you through the whole process of business planning, It will assist you in turning your dreams of owning a successful company into a reality.


Energize your business classes

Your students will be able to understand the ins and outs of business and financial planning step by step if you use an engaging and interactive guide.

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Enhance the appeal of incubator programs

You may foster creativity & entrepreneurship using our virtual co-founder platform for the generation of ideas  which is simple to use.



Lend wisely using financial education services

BznsBuilder is used by lenders to increase loan acceptance rates through the use of intelligent financial projections and clearly written business plans.


Your Program Success is Our Goal.

Do you have an idea for a program to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship? a project, a competition, a hackathon, a business venture, or a program for students? Let us help you get the guidelines and strategy right from the start.

Program manager BznsBuilder

The #1 Business Relation Management (BRM) SAAS tool trusted by

BB is a virtual backbone, passionate and enthusiastic. It adds value, is up-to-date, and is proactive rather than reactive.

Dr. Hala Hattab

Entrepreneurship Professor at the British University in Egypt.

It is a creative business solution dedicated to SMEs with an innovative and fast-paced management team.

Collaboration with BB provides the right assistance to entrepreneurial students and startup businesses.

Dr. Khaled A. Hegazy,

Associate Dean School of Business & Finance at New Giza University

BB is a great tool, not just for startups as has been noted all things considered for incubators. It helps monitor performance and, in reality, you can tailor support according to the startup’s real needs.

Dr. Rasha Tantawy

Entrepreneurship & Business Support Department Head – TIEC


Learn how to use the platform to start the generation of new business
ideas without relying on a magic formula.

Find the right mix of solutions for any business in any industry. We’ll help your business teams come together, serve stakeholders better, and grow your business.

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Tarek Taha

“Finally a global platform that gives every entrepreneur what they need the most, a well-planned path to success with the right support components all in one place. It is a must-have tool for every startup.”


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