Bringing business stakeholders together changes everything – Our Story

From the beginning, BznsBuilder has sought to change the business world for the better through technology that builds stronger relationships. Between companies and their investors. Between employees and founders. Between governments and business enablers. Between entrepreneurs and innovators who want to make a difference.

Unity gives businesses community power.

When we work together, we bring out the best in each other. We bring people together to help businesses and communities achieve their highest goals, solve their toughest problems, and use their success to make the world a little better than it was when we arrived.

The world will keep getting different. Technology is going to change. The business will change directions repeatedly. But trusting and respecting each other will help us face the future no matter what happens.

Riham Abu Elinin

“Companies aren’t buying software; they’re entering into a relationship with all their business stakeholders that is going to help them navigate the future of doing business and investments.”


We build links between companies and their business stakeholders.

Successful companies are those that build deep relationships with their investors and business stakeholders. We have a duty to fulfill in this regard.

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With Business 360, the #1 BRM in EMEA, we help bring all of the departments together so that they can better focus on the company. We let everyone on every team share a single source of information with built-in collaboration tools

that help teams have important business conversations and make important business decisions right where they work. And with BznsBuilder, we help companies find deep insights and take actions that are based on data to help them on their business journey.

Every product we build helps to establish the relationships that lead to success, and that success can be used to have a good impact on the world around us.

“We trust BznsBuilder as our partner to take our students on a journey to success. We can create extraordinary entrepreneurial experiences at our university and that will move us forward.”


our core values at BznsBuilder

What brings us together leads us in the right direction.

Since the beginning, as a team and as individuals, we have been guided by our guiding principles, which are excellence, communication, commitment, and objectiveoriented. Every day, we put our best foot forward to help each other, our clients, and the entrepreneurship ecosystem as a whole.

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