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How can BznsBuilder BRM help your small business succeed?

Business relationship management (BRM) helps you manage relationships and interactions with business stakeholders and potential investors. Improve business planning and information flow and watch your business relationships grow along with your company.

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Business Planning Made Simple

When everything you need to write your business plan is in one place, starting and growing your business is easy. Get simple to use tools and automate the processes that used to be time-consuming to create an investment-ready business plan that you can edit, share and export. Go from potential business deals to wins, faster.

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One-page Pitch Plan

Get Down to Business and be ready to pitch to potential investors as they pop up with a one-page version of your business plan ready with a link to share.

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Automated Financials

Hassle-free financial planning

BznsBuilder takes you step-by-step through the process of creating the powerful financial reports you need for your business plan even if you don’t have prior experience.

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Expert Guidance For Your Business Plan

BznsBuilder will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a detailed and complete business plan document. Each step of business planning is explained clearly to help you generate the best-detailed business plan. Technical terms are simplified, and the flow of the tool is smooth to help you focus on the business itself. It has everything you need for a complete business plan.

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Make A Great Impression

Tell your story visually with a professional structure business portfolio with all required data and information including a data room to illustrate every important point of your business

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Easily Define Your Path And Grow

For your business to succeed and grow, you need to know your goals and see your progress in real-time. BznsBuilder dashboard makes it easy to track your business performance and view the insights you need in a format that’s simple to understand. Easily define your path and grow. You can assess and track your performance and progress and your most important milestones from a single performance dashboard anytime, from anywhere.

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Start and scale faster with tools purpose-built for small businesses.

Get your business organized on the BRM platform that helps you boost your business journey and give your business stakeholders the insights they need. Starting at $8.75 per month

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Discover Specific Tools For Your Industry.

From retail to real estate to manufacturing and everything in between, we can help you plan your business, track, pitch, fund, operate and grow. All-in-one Business Planning Tool!


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“Finally a global platform that gives every entrepreneur what they need the most, a well-planned path to success with the right support components all in one place. BznsBuilder is a must-have tool for every startup.”


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