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BznsBuilder provides you with easy-to-use tools for creating a compelling business plan that will impress your investors.


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BznsBuilder Financial Plan

Put all your business information in one place, so your business stakeholders can access it from anywhere. No more spreadsheets, searching through emails or looking for a sticky note. That’s the power of business relationship management — BRM.

See what our customers say about BznsBuilder.
Reem Amr Salah Founder of Floradise Studio

“Building your own dream without losing track of time nor stopping to believe in yourself is all that matters; BznsBuilder is your survival kit.” If you are talented and a hustler, you will go places.”

Reem Amr Salah
Founder of Floradise Studio

Start planning smarter, for just $20 a month.

Know the Business Plan Essentials and get the basics to start planning faster today.

Get up and running in minutes.

Guided setup is fast and easy, so you can focus on growing your business. Plus, we’re with you every step of the way, with coaching and in-app tutorials.

Organize your business information to grow faster.

Accelerate and streamline your business plan by giving business stakeholders access to the information and tools they need to invest in your company with confidence.

Invite and collaborate from anywhere.

Now you can get a 360-degree view of everything — from idea to business. Plus, do it all from any device, so you can boost your business on the go.

BznsBuilder Financial Plan
See what our customers say about BznsBuilder.
Yassin EL Hamaky Co founder of Villa 59 Architects

“Adrenaline is all that it takes. What matters is to turn ideas into plans, following well-designed KPIs and grasping mentors’ feedback. BznsBuildr is your Virtual Co-founder.”

Yassin EL Hamaky
Co-founder of Villa 59 Architects

Strengthen your business relationships with the EMEA’s most trusted BRM.

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An on-the-fly tool for creating a company plan

As you move through the many stages of developing your business plan, you will be able to incorporate all of the material from the Business Guide.

A convenient and built-in editor

With our business plan editor, you can add and update text and select whether or not to maintain or remove certain sections of your company plan. A perfect company strategy can only be achieved through endless revisions.

Make an overview for your company plan

Choose the order of the components, and craft the ideal framework for your business plan, so that you can convince investors to buy into your idea. (soon)

Export and Sharing of a Business Plan

You will be able to develop and share your business plan in the format that most suits your needs, be it a Word document, a PDF file, or a PowerPoint presentation.

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Investment Win Rate

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Business Growth

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Return On Investment

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