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The software you need to manage your portfolio’s startups: For universities, incubators, accelerators, and other entities accelerating startup growth.

  • BznsBuilder’s format can be customized to fit your entity’s needs and goals.
  • Works with and enhances frameworks such as  Concept Plan, Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, Business Plan, and Pitch with complete and detailed financial forecasts.
  • Incorporate BznsBuilder into any program using the provided components.
  • If you’re just getting started, you can take a free course in business planning online.
  • It’s possible to get free help via phone, email, and chat.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Getting to Know BznsBuilder


What kinds of businesses work well with BznsBuilder?

BznsBuilder is easy to use for any industry, and we are adding sample plans to help you get started. BznsBuilder can help you if you have a small or medium-sized business, are a freelancer, work for a non-profit, work for the government, or are in just about any other industry, from high-tech to real estate to salon and spa. Better yet, BznsBuilder is building benchmarks for the industry into its software. By knowing the standards of your industry, you can make sure that your forecast is both hard and doable.

Can BznsBuilder help me plan for my sales?

Yes, it is easy to make a sales forecast with BznsBuilder. Just put in your numbers, and BznsBuilder will make your spreadsheet and any graphs you need. It’s as simple as it gets.

What are the advantages of getting the annual plan?

Substantial savings. By choosing the annual plan instead of the monthly plan, you’ll save almost 42 percent. The other big benefit of using BznsBuilder is that your business plan becomes a living, breathing document that you can change as your business changes. Once you’re up and running, BznsBuilder lets you see at a glance how your revenue numbers are doing compared to your plan’s goals and actual forecasts. The Dashboard feature of BznsBuilder is a powerful but easy-to-use tool that lets you keep an eye on your business’s finances in real time for less than the price of a popcorn.

How many users can use it?

BznsBuilder has no limit on the number of guests. With BznsBuilder, it is easy to share your business with colleagues, stakeholders, or an academic advisor. Just add these people as contributors or guests to your BznsBuilder account, and you can work together right in BznsBuilder. Guests can view your company and comment on your plan document. Contributors can see and change everything in an account except the account owner’s profile information and billing and payment details. If the owner gives them permission, contributors can even add new users, view and change the benchmarks and Dashboard, and add new users.

Can my partner and I both work on the plan at once?

You can easily work with other people in your BznsBuilder account, even on the same plan at the same time. Users can’t erase each other’s work with BznsBuilder because only one person can change a section at a time. This part of the plan will be locked to other users.

May I work on more than one business plan?

Yes, you can make as many business plans as you want on one account. You can only have one “active” plan at a time, which means it’s open and being changed. You can open and close plans as needed, and if you need to make changes to more than one plan at the same time, you can pay extra to upgrade your account.

Can I import financial data from external Excel sheets or any other software?

We’ll be adding this feature very soon. If you use financial software, you’ll be able to import your financial data into BznsBuilder to keep track of how well you’re doing compared to your plan. This is a great way to manage your business because it lets you track your progress and grow it. We will also make it possible to import data from Excel sheets.

Can the plan I’m working on be saved on my hard drive?

BznsBuilder backs up your data automatically every few seconds and whenever you click “I’m Done” for a task. All of your plan and account information is kept safe on our online servers, where you and the users you’ve invited can get to it whenever you need to.
You can always print a copy of your plan as a PDF or Excel file to save the numbers on your computer. Soon, you will also be able to download your plan as a Word file. If you won’t have access to the Internet for a while and want to keep the content handy, you don’t have to save your data offline. On the other hand, you will soon be able to add a BznsBuilder icon to your desktop so you can work without an internet connection. When you connect to the internet again, your work will be uploaded to our online servers.

What kinds of files can I export?

The easiest way to make a BznsBuilder plan document is to use the print to PDF feature and/or Excel for the financials. This puts your plan content in a standard file format. You will soon be able to export a copy of your plan to Microsoft Word as well. This is helpful if you want more control over how the document looks or if you want to add pictures, custom tables, etc. Just remember that any changes you make in BznsBuilder won’t show up in the Word document after you export it. The plan is shown in the Word export.

What is the best way for sharing my business plan and data with my business stakeholders, investors, partners, or others?

That depends. Do you want the other person to be able to change and edit the plan, or do you just want them to read it? How well does this person know how to use digital technology? If you just want feedback on a finished document, a PDF is probably the easiest thing for your reader to do. You can invite someone to be a team member if you want them to see changes as you make them or to check on your progress regularly. And if you have a business partner who has his own ideas about finances or strategy, you can add them as one of your included users. Don’t worry, you have full control over their roles and access to your business profile.

Does BznsBuilder work with multiple currencies and languages?

Yes, you can add custom sections for describing local requirements. You can write the plan in English and Arabic, and soon in Spanish, French, German, and other languages as well. Write the plan in whatever language you want, and then choose the right Language Output the settings, choose the currency symbol you want to use and then enter your finances.