Make incubators & accelerators programs more interesting for entrepreneurs.

Boost entrepreneurship and innovation with our easy-to-use tool for business creation.

BznsBuilder fits easily into the Incubators & Accelerators program’s structure and helps every founder and entrepreneur learn more about their business, whether it’s just starting up or growing.

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Just the right amount of planning

To guarantee that your founders have the proper tools to understand and present their ideas in a clear, consistent format, BznsBuilder offers a range of plans, from a lean pitch to a formal business plan ready for lenders.

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Forecasting that is both simple and accurate.

BznsBuilder’s financial forecasting tools make it easy for participants of various backgrounds to construct a financial model that supports their vision and verifies their idea.

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Designed with the goal of fostering cooperation among program elements.

hared BznsBuilder accounts can be used by team members, mentors and staff to communicate the company’s vision and progress with key stakeholders, such as potential investors.

Organize for better remote-startup programs

It is simple to implement.

  • BznsBuilder’s format can be customized to fit your accelerator’s needs.
  • Works with and enhances frameworks such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Business Model Canvas, with complete and detailed financial forecasts.
  • Incorporate BznsBuilder into any program using the provided components.
  • If you’re just getting started, you can take a free course in business planning online.
  • It’s possible to get free help via phone, email, and chat.

As a bonus, there’s also a free course

  • The BznsBox and BznsLean curriculum can help you launch or complement a new online or in-person business planning course without having to start from scratch. As part of the BznsBuilder add-on, it’s already included.

BznsBuilder enables Incubators & Accelerators to concentrate on what is essential.

Leave spreadsheets, documents, and other innovation tools behind. BznsBuilder consolidates all phases of startup planning into one location for simplified online education.

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Integrated support as well as free technical assistance

Step-by-step instructions and examples are provided by BznsBuilder. Founders have the ability to concentrate on a single task at a time without being distracted. Our free software support is available to all founders and collaborators by phone, chat, email, and live chat.

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Make it your mission to encourage critical thinking

BznsBuilder frees up founders so they don’t get swamped with Excel and Word paperwork. Instead, they can focus on the business plan, financial forecasts, and activities that will move their company forward. This lets your programs give the best possible value to your customers.

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Prepared to Participate in Hackathons and Business Plan Contests

Founders must go over every area of their business plan and projection using BznsBuilder. BznsBuilder exports one-page executive summaries and PowerPoints. This structure has won hundreds of competitions and millions in investment capital, making it good for entrepreneurs.

For every stage, there is a tool ready to help.

We support program managers through our partners, who are an elite community of professionals who work with you across products, industries, and everything in between.

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BznsBuilder is surely profound business experience that, no doubt, would widen our vision towards better businesses, uprising, and existing. In addition, it is an investment in a new benchmark in business planning.

Peter Van Rooij

Director-International Labour Organisation (ILO)

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The exercise of business planning helps the founding team to capture all business needs, project their financials, and set the right targets.

Zeina Mandour

General Manager, The Cairo Angels


The impact of BznsBuilder on our cohort’s performance exceeded our expectations; we are excited to be collaborating with BznsBuilder on empowering our startups to achieve their goals.

Nelly Mahmoud

CCO & Head of Youth Beyond Banking & Financial Inclusion, EGBANK

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