The BznsBuilder Tour

BznsBuilder can be used for any kind of business at any stage of growth. Take our tour to see how the guided, step-by-step process of BznsBuilder makes starting a business less stressful.


In BznsBuilder, before writing your business plan, the first thing you’ll do is create a company.

BznsBuilder is simple to use. We’ll need some basic information about your company to get started. BznsBuilder will suggest a starting point based on your chosen stage.

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Your business strategy can begin once you’ve completed the setup of the company.

The BznsBuilder Pitch is a one-page summary of your business that explains your strategy. It’s a quick, easy, and better way to write down your business idea. BznsBuilder lets you put your pitch on the online platform; use the sharable link or export it to PowerPoint and send it via email, message, or WhatsApp.

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After you’ve made your pitch, you can start making your full business plan.

BznsBuilder breaks the business planning process down into easy steps with instructions and examples. Your plan starts with the usual structure of chapters and sections, but it can be changed in any way you want. You can add or take away chapters and parts as you like.


Making a budget and forecast is the last step in making a plan. Don’t worry, it’s easy with BznsBuilder.

No need for math or complicated spreadsheets. Enter how much you think you can sell and how much you think you will spend, and BznsBuilder will make your financial statements for you. If you don’t know what number to put in, make an educated guess and BznsBuilder will help you see if your plan is reasonable.

Ready to start your plan?

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