BznsBuilder leadership

BznsBuilder is proud of both the technology it has won awards for and the people who work there. The company is doing well because some of the smartest and most experienced and dedicated executives in the business are running it.

Executive Team

The members of BznsBuilder’s executive team are:

Riham Abu Elinin
Tiara Martinez
Youssef Wadea

Riham Abu Elinin

Founder & CEO

Tiara Martinez

Head Of Innovation

Youssef Wadea


Hassan Mohamed
Tiara 2

Hassan Mohamed

Product Manager

Ahmed Salem

Financial Subject Matter Expert

Ahmed Maghraby

Digital Marketing Expert


Joseph Medhat

Technical Head Engineer

Engy Heshmat

QA Engineer

Advisory board

The people on BznsBuilder’s board of advisory right now are:

Riham Abu Elinin
Untitled design 83

Riham Abu Elinin

Founder & CEO at BznsBuilder

Mohamed Abdel Motaal

Head of Innovation – Global Transaction Banking ( GTB ) – FABMISR

Mohamed Agamy

Managing Partner of Links & Gains Law Firm.