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SMB Pricing

Small businesses and startups may get support in the areas of business planning, fundraising, and continuing growth all inside the confines of a single app that we have developed.


By relieving teachers of the repetitive work of business planning, financial modeling, and other responsibilities, BznsBuilder enables teachers to put their attention where it belongs: on the education of their students. This is a very helpful feature.


BznsBuilder can be easily integrated into the framework of your programme, assisting founders and entrepreneurs in developing a better knowledge of their business venture, regardless of whether they are in the early stages of startup or in the growth stage.

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Pricing including All Below features:

For your firm to succeed and expand, you must know your objectives and track your progress. The BznsBuilder dashboard makes it simple to follow your business’s progress and see needed information.

Make your path clear and grow. From a single performance dashboard, you can look at your performance, your progress, and your most important goals at any time, from anywhere.

A Straightforward Workspace Dashboard and Features That Assists in the Expansion of Your Company

It won’t take long to structure your idea and build a business plan for it.

BznsModel is the best place to start your idea plan if you are still in its early stages because it helps you see and organize a business model quickly and easily.

Before getting into the details of your business idea, you should first briefly construct a business model and describe its essential components of it.

A simple one-page version of the business model canvas

With the BznsBuilder Pitch, you get a quick, fill-in-the-blank process for outlining every important aspect of your business and summarizing it. All on a single page. It’s the fastest way to get started on a business plan. You can also schedule your milestones in order of name and date and avoid any hassling.

Even the best business plans must be revised as your company expands. The one-page pitch plan on BznsBuilder is easy to edit. Share your pitch and business idea safely. Your confidential information is secure and viewable from any web browser. Rather than email or print your plan, export it to PowerPoint, or PDF.

The first step you will take is to write down your business idea in Arabic or English using special keywords, and take the right planning steps towards your business. Bznsbuilder will organize all your steps and guide you all the way with instructions and with clear explanations by experts in the field in English/Arabic language.

The instructions at each section to help you fill in details about your product, or the service that you offer to the market. Make sure to add as much details as you think is necessary for your plan. Add your strength points and what makes you unique from competitors. As well as product roadmap for your future planning.

Forget about wasting time struggling with complicated spreadsheets or accidentally destroying formulae in Excel. Even if you have no previous expertise in the business world, BznsBuilder will walk you through the process of producing the robust financial reports that are necessary for your company strategy.

BznsBuilder will generate all of the necessary financial predictions, tables, and charts for you, such as revenue, costs, profit, and cash flow, and will automatically incorporate them into your business plan.

BznsBuilder will not only help you create a one-page business plan, but it will also guide you through the process of generating a comprehensive and extensive business plan document. To assist you in developing the most comprehensive and thorough business plan possible, each stage of the planning process is broken down and described in depth. In order to assist you in concentrating on the company itself, technical words have been streamlined, and the flow of the tool has been streamlined as well. It includes everything necessary to put together a comprehensive business strategy.

Make a great impression and tell your story visually with a professional structure business plan with all the details and automated charts and graphs that illustrate and summarize every important point of your business.

And now that you have your polished professional business plan that shows you have a grasp of what is needed to get a successful venture up and running, you can easily impress investors, get funded and watch your dream become a reality.

Through the use of our simplified platform, BznsBuilder has assisted startups and small companies in a variety of sectors in generating millions from qualified investors and financial institutions.

Prepare the Groundwork for a Fruitful Fundraise

Our services have been used by thousands of new businesses in order to get investment from accredited investors and financial firms.

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