BznsBuilder Partnership With Logivators for Logistics Incubator
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BznsBuilder Partnership With Logivators For Logistics Incubator

Cairo, August 30 – BznsBuilder, the leading Egyptian 360 Business Relation Management platform (BRM,) announced its participation as a strategic partner in launching Logivators, a new leading logistics incubator to support startups in logistics and transportation to scale their businesses.

BznsBuilder strikes a new strategic partnership with logivators leading logistics incubator

The new incubator brings startups and logistics key industry leaders together to deliver top-notch innovative logistical solutions to the regional market. Preeminent partners power the program; Egytrans, Startup Factory, and CashCows. It is also supported by multiple strategic partners including, Etisalat, pmaestro, Sharik Hub, and WEBKEYZ.

BznsBuilder is a flagship platform that prides itself on being the startup’s virtual cofounder providing businesses with step-by-step guides on building impeccable business plans. The platform automates the financial reports and charts without the need for a solid financial background. Founders can also develop their pitch decks and one-page plans, export and share them with investors.

Startups joining the incubation program will be using the BznsBuilder platform to develop their business plans and financial statements. BznsBuilder will provide onboarding for both the teams and the mentors to monitor the startups’ progress during the program through the platform.

Riham Abu Elinin BznsBuilder, founder and CEO, said, “In the past year, we have worked extensively with multiple leading incubators and accelerators to empower the startups from the region through entrepreneurial programs. For this reason, we believe that a program dedicated entirely to support startups in logistics such as Logivators is essential to facilitate this process for startups adding value to the companies through partnerships with industry leaders.”

“One of the key drivers of this program is to generate innovation by championing new technologies and solutions that address the real-time challenges of the sector. We understand therefore that the success of Logivators is in direct correlation to the strength of our partners who provide access to complementary capabilities and expertise. The addition of BznsBuilder to our team is of tremendous value as it will give entrepreneurs the ability to optimize the effort put into transforming their vision into a functioning business”. says Abir Leheta, Chairman and CEO of Egytrans.

Logivators is very unique and different from most vertical-specific accelerators, since the early beginning while Co-creating the program with Egytrans, pmaestro and CashCows our main objective is transferring a fusion of logistics and transportation industry-specific expertise with the best digital products and services delivery management practices. At Startup-factory (pmaestro signature program) we are happy to have BznsBuilder among our strategic partners to empower our programs’ beneficiaries with an easy-to-use collaboration tool enabling them to build their comprehensive business plans and pitch-decks.”
Said Mohamed Mounir, Managing Director pmaestro L.L.C


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