Lean Planning Workshop by BznsBuilder powered by enpact
Published On: December 8th, 2020By Categories: BznsBuilder Updates1.1 min read

BznsBuilder partnered with Startup Haus Cairo to provide the lean planning workshops, powered by enpact Egypt.

We were really impressed by how eager the startups that attended the workshop were willing to validate and develop their innovative ideas into a viable business. Also, attendees that already had established businesses were aiming to refine their strategies and improve their planning processes.

The workshop prepared the attendees to move forward with their business and gave them the right foundation for proper business planning to take them through the next phase easily.

It was very simple to create a business plan based on the lean methodology due to BznsBuilder step by step guidance and filling in the blanks process. All the details they entered allowed them to get automated financial projections.

The startups developed a solid strategy for the business and refined their strategy, they also learned more about their customers, through the BznsBuilder dashboard they tracked their financial performance through their business journey.

At the end of the workshop, they produced a one-page business plan and a professional financial plan with a well-formatted one-page pitch. Now they own what it needs to be a competitive well established and investment-ready startup.

Now the attendees have a company profile with all their company details in one place, they can continually refine, adjust and tweak their strategy while their progress toward their goals.

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